TrUss Structure Services

Edmosound has a large inventory of truss components for any design you can dream of. Check out some of the great configurations we can offer or come up with your own. Imagination welcome

Overhead Truss, projection screen, and stage

Medium DJ set.png

Outdoor dual screen with stage

HDS Ents mock 1.png

Dual screen with stage rear view

HDS Ents mock 1R.png


1 box truss.jpg

Trade Lounge Exhibit

Cumfy Trade show.png

Openscape concept— with 30’ rear projection wide screen

Trade show open screen.png

Glass Truss Bar/Table with white stained glass

Truss table.png

Event truss structure

Large Truss archway.png

Finish line Truss Structure

Great for any kind of race available in widths up to 40 feet!

Race truss.png

Finish Line Truss Structure With Concert Audio Upgrades

Race truss line array.png